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The Ultimate Internal Energy 3 DVD Pack or Beginners


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This three DVD series includes Tai Chi Gong DVD, Yi Chuan - the art of Mind intention DVD, and Five Elements of Shing Yi Chuan DVD.
Heal and Strengthen your Body Mind & Spirit

Tai Chi Gong - Selected Tai Chi and Chi Gong Exercises For Healing and Strengthening Your Body Mind and Spirit. Approximately 50 minutes.


Objectives: To develop bodily awareness and control, deep relaxation, smooth breathing and relief of unhealthy challenges in life.


Practice Holistic Qi Gong Healing to Manage Your Headaches and Arthritis, Relief Stress and instil meditative tranquillity, by circulating fresh energy, and cleansing the circulatory and cardio Vascular systems from all impurities.


Clinical Researches shows that exercising regularly can help manage Arthritis, Osteoporosis, headaches, Stress, abnormal eating habits, troubled breathing, inability to slow down or relax, depression, ulcers, high-blood pressure, phobias, and disturbed sleep patterns.

The benefits of the Tai Chi and Chi Gong ? Studies show that such tai chi movements can improve balance, flexibility, circulation, stamina, and relaxation for older adults. Potentially it can reduce high blood pressure and assist with management of Osteoarthritis. 


Your instructor in this DVD series is Gad Levy-Golan, the Author of the Key to Qi, a Teacher-Master and internationally qualified and accredited instructor by Australian Sports comission, specialising in the Internal Healing Energy & Martial Arts for over 25 years. He is a disciple of the late Grand Master Sifu Kenny Gong, in New York. Sifu Gong was a remarkable Chinese Doctor, Teacher and Martial Artist.

The Tai Chi Gong DVD brings you an integrated and simplified training program that is based on the Qi Gong of Tai Chi, Shing Yi and Pa Kua. In a program of 27 carefully chosen exercises we managed to achieve the cultivation of our internal energy, cleansing and purifying Body and mind.

These are selected exercises of the ancient secrets of internal energy movements, to
balance the body's internal systems, cultivate inner peace and tranquillity, improve health and wellbeing, lifestyle and longevity.

Firstly with warm up and proper alignment we open blood vessels, nerves and ligaments. When we succeed in moving chi, we can feel blood moving, either by sensing our pulse in various places change of temperature to feet or hands. We can also sense some success when we feel more alert and more alive.


Mindful movements based on ancient techniques for a slimmer and firmer body while calming the mind and strengthening the spirit.


Designed to increase energy levels and speed up metabolism and blood

 circulation, while improving balance and coordination, flexibility, self-confidence, calmness and creative wellness. Teaches the body and mind to work as one, harmoniously and effectively.


The DVD was shot in Sydney, the Blue Mountains, Wentworth Falls and Jerusalem.

Duration: approx 50 minutes, with International Master Gadi Levy-Golan


Five Elements Chi Gong of Shing Yi - Mind Body control DVD


The five elements DVD includes a practice of all five Elements whilst standing in one place. It continues with the practice of walking through the elements, to develop a natural leg work, rooting and circulation of ground energy.


The heart and soul of Shing Yi practice are the five elements. These simple actions can result in total Mind –Body integration. They are directly related to many aspects of five Elements cosmology of traditional Chinese medicine.

Each element expresses a force with patterns of internal energy, originated from and corresponding to specific internal organs.

The element’s dual purpose begins with protecting the body by strengthening our internal organs, massaging and stimulating energy flow around and through them, and via the corresponding channels.

If practiced harmoniously, with a very focused mind, the elements will result in a very solid, consistent body, that can be applied for self-defence.

To be successful in this approach we have to go through several stages. First we must let the Mind teach the body. This is the Stage of learning new movements. We follow the DVD and simply copy the external shape. (Shing). The next stage is when we can perform the movements flowingly, while relaxing all unnecessary body parts. At this stage we start to feel. The body will now teach the mind (Yi).


Yi Chuan- The Art of Mind Intention, through Standing Meditations. This DVD showcases a variety of stationary meditative standing postures, for strengthening physical, mental and spiritual power.

The art of Mind Intention. This is about the importance of meditation to our development as healthy and strong Human beings.

Yi Chuan contains many diverse types of meditative practices and postures that are employed to stimulate Yang, Yin, and Yin/Yang circulation to accomplish various things.

 Discover the movement in the stillness. Become stable as a mountain and flowing as a river.
These meditative stances bring you the principals and practice of relaxing the body, slowing down the mind and sharpen your concentration. Using empty mind, we learn first to observe the chi movement through the body, and later to transmit it from our centre to the extremities. We not only play with the power of our mind, but also connect in harmony the Body, Mind and Spirit, allowing calm and relaxed internal work and state of Mind, to intensify our intention and build internal strength.

The first level of meditation involves freeing all of the energy pathways, eliminating any stagnation or blockage. Continued practice will lead to consciously controlled Chi circulation while remaining still. This condition is known as "Fluid Stillness". The Yi Chuan is probably the best method to improve one's Tai Chi or Shing Yi forms in order to achieve the highest phase. The highest phase is called "Fluid Motion", meaning Chi circulation can be controlled while moving through the forms. To integrate this meditative state of awareness into the form is a highly desired goal and requires many years of practice.