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The Key to Qi + Weights Tai Chi Gong Bundle - 60% OFF !


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Your ultimate toolbox for empowerment:

“Get the Book & DVD that will help you get in shape and lead to a meaningful life”

“Get the Book & DVD that will help you get in shape and lead to a meaningful life”

Weights Tai Chi Gong workout DVD – by Gad Levy-Golan In this DVD we share with you the principles of how you can use weights to build core strength, and sculpt, shape and tone your body. The Tai Chi Gong Weights Training Program is a synergy of ancient and modern exercise philosophies, promoting balance and wellbeing.


“The Key To Qi" - a new book to make you stronger and live longer.

The Key to Qi (Chi) is a comprehensive, motivational book that teaches the underlying principles of Qi, our life Force energy, and guides the reader towards a deep understanding of how to harness Qi, and to activate and direct it effectively to create profound good health, energy and graceful anti-aging.

The experiential exercises and guided meditations are easy to follow, enriched with illustrations, and offer a splendid journey exploring untravelled pathways through the Inner Landscape, to a happier and longer life.

The author has successfully interwoven the most recent outcomes of modern scientific research of Tai Chi and Qi Gong with a program committed to energise and empower people and organizations to increase their performance and inner capabilities.

The book contains 304 pages, more then 600 inllustrations, tips and guidlines.

Here is what others had to say about the book and its author:

As Vice President Emeritus of Arthritis Australia, I know how beneficial

The Key to Qi will be for people with arthritis.

Ita Buttrose: AO, OBE

I have found the book, The Key to Qi insightful and the Life in Motion

program to be a soothing, profound way to heal the Inner Self. Each one

of the Twenty-Seven Tai Chi Gong Practices introduces effective energypatterns

and ‘circular training’ that link directly with every organ in the

body. They serve not only as energy-enhancing exercises, but more

importantly, as meditative breathing patterns to nourish and cleanse

the body and refi ne Qi-fl ow. Gadi Levy-Golan is a wise, contemplative

teacher of the healing powers of Qi, and without hesitation, I recommend

Gadi’s Qi Strategies in The Key to Qi, as a valuable program to relieve

stress, and to prevent and deal with anxiety and depression.

Dr Bronia Hatfield: Consultant Psychiatrist and Founder of the

Centre for Research in Spiritual Development, Sydney

Gadi is a talented and a qualifi ed teacher of body-mind and wellness

programs and is one of our organisation’s key facilitators. His intuitive

nature contributes to our seminars and retreats, helping to make every

event more special, energising and inspiring. His book, The Key to Qi

and his Tai Chi Gong program convey simple yet profound insights

into an ancient, traditional practice. I fi nd the book to be a key to

improved health and spiritual growth, as it offers a gentle persuasion,

with instructions which are easy to follow. It is a guide to motivate

and assist one to be one’s best self, as well as achieve good health and


Dr Orna Triguboff PhD: Founder and Director

of Neshama Life, Australia

I have known Gadi Levy-Golan since we were both 10 years old. Over

the years, his enthusiasm and dedication to his Practising have always

impressed me. Gadi’s book, The Key to Qi, and his Tai Chi Gong Practices

are inspired by the art and science of ancient breathing techniques and

tranquil movements, which cleanse, strengthen, and circulate energy

(Qi) throughout the body. Having worked with the benefi ts of Tai Chi

and Qi Gong all my life, I believe the message and lessons in The Key to

Qi are symbolised in this quotation: ‘When you heal your Inner Self, you

are able to conquer anything.’

Ramel Rones: Scientifi c Consultant, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute,

Boston, MA; Tufts University School of Medicine;

Harvard Medical School.

Being an Inner Master is a profound way to approach life. Gadi Levy-

Golan’s book, The Key to Qi, provides a pathway to excellence in all

domains of one’s life. I shall recommend it without reservation to all

my clients.

Michael N Fox: psychologist, performance specialist and author,

who has worked internationally with the leaders of business and sport

Chinese Medicine Practitioners believe Qi is Energy which is constantly

transforming and never static. Qi is the force which governs healthy body

functions and blood fl ow. To feel energised, confi dent and relaxed in our

daily lives we must be healthy and so we need to be empowered to connect

with our own Qi, to harness it for optimal wellness and energy.

I’ve had the opportunity to practise Tai Chi Gong with Gadi Levy-

Golan, in person. He has had more than twenty years of experience in

the disciplines of Tai Chi and Qi Gong and is passionate about imparting

his knowledge to others, to benefi t their lives. Now his techniques and

training are accessible in this comprehensive book, The Key to Qi, which

needed to be written.

I practice Integrative Medicine, bridging the gap between Western

Medicine and Traditional therapies which include acupuncture, nutrition,

homoeopathy and Chinese Herbal Medicine. Defi cient nutrition, stress,

pollution and toxicity predispose to an imbalance of Qi, which may lead

to disease. I recommend Tai Chi and Qi Gong to my patients as part of

daily health insurance and maintenance. I believe that early prevention

is preferable to striving for a cure.

In his book, Gadi shows us with practical steps, his adaptation of

time-honoured traditions of Tai Chi and Qi Gong, and how to connect

to our Qi in order to maintain balance and harmony in body, mind and

spirit. I highly recommend The Key to Qi, both to read and for enjoyable

practice. May your health be greatly enhanced as a result.

Dr Marilyn Golden: MB ChB; Dip. Clinical Nutrition;

Dip. Aromatherapy; Dip. Homoeopathy; Homotoxicology practitioner;

Dip. Phytotherapy; Certifi cate Menopausal Medicine;

Certifi cate Chinese Herbal Medicine; AMAC Fellowship Part 1

Acupuncture; Qualifi ed Laser Therapy practitioner;


The Key to Qi is written with such clarity and focus, that it should be

regarded as a most generous gift by Gadi to all of us. It deserves to be every reader’s constant companion, to be read and re-read, or to be

explored and savoured lesson-by-lesson, paragraph-by-paragraph in order

to bolster our Practise and our physical, mental, and emotional health.

Jonathan Misheiker: Tai Chi Gong Teacher-Master