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LaxBall GSR Biofeedback - - not available


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The First Open-Eye All-Color Light & Sound Mind Machine Available.

Steer the LaxBall
with your mind!

Biofeedback hardware included

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Compete against others online

Discover 42 amazing levels

How it works

The included Biofeedback hardware will register changes of your minds' state. This way you will be able to steer the ball through the levels of LaxBall without the mouse or keyboard.

About GSR Biofeedback

LaxBall is a game with unconventional control. Unlike most other computer games, you control LaxBall only by brain power which is reflected in the galvanic skin response (GSR).

We all know wet hands as a symptom of anxiety or panic. However, the skin is even more sensitive to all emotional reactions, which in turn can be influenced by thought. Already a single thought can be enough for a sustainable emotional response, which is reflected in skin resistance. Thus, the resistance of the skin is also an essential biofeedback parameter for lie detectors.

The LaxBall multimedia software analyzes the subtle changes in your electrical skin resistance, which are transmitted to your PC/Mac by the biofeedback device MindReflection.

Initially the control of the reactions and the navigation of the ball are mostly unconscious processes: It is typical for biofeedback that you sometimes do not know how exactly you influence a response, but it works nevertheless. By and by you will develop a feeling for the correct responses.

Therefore, LaxBall is ideal for the mental training of various personal skills such as:

  • improvement of concentrativeness and relaxation
  • developing emotional balance
  • improvement of focused attention
  • achieving mental clarity
  • maintain control in difficult, stressful situations

LaxBall's levels 'sense' your degree of concentration and relaxation and react accordingly.

Combining biofeedback and multimedia provides new opportunities for personal development in a playful way. It opens a new dimension in personal training. Playing with LaxBall will help you to optimize your habits regarding perception, attention, relaxation and the associated reactions. You will soon find that increased awareness and attention lead to a more relaxed everyday life - without stress or even burnout.

LaxBall uses your brain power to move a ball through 42 mini 3-D levels.

The levels build on each other, each has to be completed to explore the next.

This requires a more and more acute control over your state of excitation resp. relaxation.

You master the levels by becoming a master of your thoughts and emotions.

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System requirements:

Windows XP, Vista or 7
Mac OS X

PC/Mac with 2 Ghz processor
3-D graphics card
Monitor with at least 1024 x 768 pixels
Sound card (optional)
USB port
Internet access (for download of software)

An automatic update feature ensures that you will always have the latest version of LaxBall.

Scope of supply: LaxBall software (as download), biofeedback hardware (ThoughtStream) with GSR sensor, USB cable, batteries (type AA), german/english manual

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Made in Germany, The Laxman ‘Innertainment’ System is the next generation of light and sound mind machines. The first of its kind, the Laxman combines the most effective light and sound entrainment with the features of state-of-the-art multimedia device.

Click to watch: The Laxman Video

The Laxman breaks new ground in several areas. Its patented All-Color Ganzfeld Open-Eye Goggles can transmit every color of the light spectrum indirectly onto the open (or closed) eyes. This new breakthrough technology alone works extraordinarily well for shifting mind-states, but its effectiveness is compounded with the Ganzfeld Effect of the goggles. You will be awash in kaleidoscopic geometric structures while you shift into a more relaxed state of mind.

The Laxman brings auditory stimulation to a new level above conventional light and sound mind machines. There are over four hours of professionally produced and very tasteful ambient and nature sound arrangements used in the pre-programmed sessions. Classical impulse frequencies, binaural-beats and hemicircle sounds are also used for a uniquely effective and enjoyable sound experience. The LaxEdit software can be used to upload MP3 files to the Laxman so that you can use your own favorite music tracks with light and sound sessions.

Whether preinstalled Laxman sessions, sessions created by yourself, language courses, your own suggestions or audio books, any content may be transported and used by the Laxman.

What’s Included?

The Laxman light and sound mind machine order includes the Laxman device with LCD display and top quality steel casing, all-colour eyes-open ganzfeld goggles, soft carrying case, hight quality comfortable earbud headphones, handbook/instruction manual, microfiber cleaning cloth, batteries, USB cable and support disc.

How it Works

The Laxman works on long known, simple, natural principles. The Laxman works by using well known physiological mechanisms known as the "frequency following response", or the "entrainment process".

Visual and auditory stimuli vibrating at specific frequencies directly effect our brain wave patterns from the outside - as can be seen in EEG tests.

The Laxman is backed by a history of studies on the efficacy of the entrainment process. You can find some of these studies below and elsewhere on our site. The system very effectively creates a state of relaxed clarity and concentration. Furthermore, the receptiveness for study contents is increased significantly.


NextGen technology capable of producing the most profoundly amazing experiences you've ever had with a mind machine

Upload your own music tracks to the Laxman for neurologically effective visual structures that match your favorite songs

There is a synergy between the ganzfeld field effect and the all-color open-eye goggles. This is another dimension of entrainment.

Fully functional MP3 Player

SD Card memory expansion slot for sessions and music (mini SD)

Intuitive menu control on LCD screen

Four hours of exclusive ambient music and sounds

LaxEdit Software makes creating and editing sessions simple and fun

22 pre-installed 20 minute sessions organized by beta, alpha, theta, & delta

USB interface for easy connectivity

Binaural Beats


Quickly achieve deep states of relaxation

Explore altered states of consciousness

Can improve capacity of memory, sensory perception and power of concentration.

Very Effective for Color and Light Therapy (SAD)

Excellent when used in combination with audio based learning programs


The Laxman Device with LCD Display and Top Quality Steel Casing

Comfortable All-Color Eyes-Open Ganzfeld Goggles. Capable of Creating Every Color Across the Spectrum

Soft Carrying Case

High Quality Comfortable Earbud Headphones

Handbook/Instruction Manual

Microfiber Cleaning Cloth


USB Cable

A Resource Disc with LaxEdit Software

Peak Performance for Businesses

Hotels - You can lend the Laxman to your guests to take to their rooms. Tourists can recover from the jetlag by making a unique experience, whereas business people relax very quickly before the next date.

Moreover, the Laxman can be offered in the hotel shop, so that the positive experience can be repeated at home. The Laxman belongs to the amenities of all better hotels.

The stainless steel housing is insensitive to signs of wear and the head band can be comfortably changed and cleaned. A quickstart manual is available which makes the anyway barrier-free operation very easy. A special training of the personnel is not necessary. Moreover, we gladly support you in rental and sale with special flyers.

Clinical and Therapeutical Fields of Application

The audiovisual stimulation is a treatment without side effects for various clinical and therapeutical fields of application. The use of the Laxman is barrier-free and can also be applied by trained assistants.

Apart from the relaxation research there are clinical studies with positive result from the following fields:

· - treatment of attention deficit disorder (espec. hyperactivity) by promoting the cerebral perfusion. Moreover, audio books for children can be visually coded, so that the treatment is also entertaining.

· - treatment of anxiety states and depressions by harmonizing the neurotransmitter level. It is also possible to create individual suggestions and to upload them to the Laxman.

· - treatment of sleep problems.The seditative characteristics of the Laxman are also much appreciated for surgery preparation.

For regular treatments the Laxman can be lent to the patients to take it home with them.

Learning Support/Language Learning

The Laxman supports the receptiveness and long term memory characteristics of the brain and is ideal for learning preparation, reinforcement and support. Special relaxation programs which promote an increase of the attention are especially suitable for learning preparation. They lead to a promotion of the so-called alpha state and increase the cerebral perfusion.

Some contents, e.g. auditive language courses, can be directly uploaded to the device and learned with appropriate sessions. Various contents can be easily integrated and exchanged by a memory card.

For learning reinforcement there are also special programs available, which support the retention of learned contents in the long term memory. This takes place by a promotion of the so-called theta state.

Thus, the Laxman is especially suitable for training and coaching institutions, as well as in all situations where complex contents have to be learned and memorized within a short time.

Find recapitulatory study results concerning the use of audiovisual stimulation for learning in our rubric "studies".

Increased Performance/Refreshment

By the fast and efficient relaxation promoted by the Laxman resources which are blocked up in muscle tensions are released quickly and efficiently. At the same time the cerebral perfusion is improved, which additionally contributes to optimize the attention.

Thus, the Laxman is an ideal companion for all situations where a quick and effective refreshment is desired e.g. to prevent fatigue of truck drivers and increase the driving safety, in the office at the PC for instance with option tradings, before important meetings, and many other opportunities.

Sports and Proshops

Audiovisual stimulation has been used for mental training in sports for a long time. The quick relaxing effect promotes the release of top performance. At the same time it helps to concentrate.

By means of the Laxman the stimulation can be combined with individual suggestions, which can be exchanged easily by memory cards.

Find further details concerning the use of the Laxman for mental training in sports in our category "studies".

Watch The Laxman Video on You Tube here.