Sirius Light & Sound Mind Machine


Sirius Light & Sound Mind Machine

Delivery weight: 1 kg

Our new Sirius™ is the best value for money of any Light & Sound System on the market today. It includes a number of features normally found in machines costing much more.


Ships with the following items:


  • Sirius Control Console
  • NEW PureWhite™ white-light LightFrames™, for enhanced visuals
  • Stereo Heaphones
  • Stereo Patchcord
  • Manual & Carry Case
  • AudioStrobe sampler CD

Key features of this system include:

  • 21 programs for relaxation, learning, increased energy, visualization, sports performance, and more.
  • AudioStrobe® decode circuitry. This patented technology encodes inaudible control signals within compact disc audio tracks. These signals directly trigger and control the Sirius lights, resulting in perfectly synchronized audio-visual experiences. Take advantage of a library of dozens of available titles, and take a mind-expanding voyage without leaving home. [Visit here to view our selection of “best-of” titles].
  • Unique random session creates a different session every time it runs.
  • Manual control of pulse rate in tenths of a Hertz, from 0.1 to 40.0. Use this to create precise stimulation protocols for your personal exploration and special applications.
  • ColorPulse™ decode circuit converts rhythmic sounds (the “beat”) from your cassette/CD/MP3 player into pulses of light. Turn any source into a synchronized light show!
  • AudioPulse™ decoder and built-in microphone converts any ambient sound into a lightshow.


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Saphire GanzFrames for Sirius Saphire GanzFrames for Sirius
White GanzFrames for Proteus & Sirius White GanzFrames for Proteus & Sirius
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