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Personal Biofeedback training system with Advanced relaxation technology

Advanced relaxation technology.

Mental Games is a radical new concept in personal biofeedback training.

Thoughtstream is the latest advancement in genuine psychological stress reduction.

This personal training tool is designed to guide you into relaxation quickly and easily in a matter of a few minutes per day.


- Learn to control psychological stress and overcome anxiety.
- Sleep deeper then ever before
- Master your emotional upsets
- Optimise your peak performance skills
- Reduce anxiety before exams
- Improve concentration and focus.

Thoughtstream employs a powerful combination of visual and audio biofeedback to measure tiny changes in relaxation levels so you can learn to control your reaction to upsetting events.

The feedback you recieve displays your progress as you perform simple and effective relaxation exercises. How it works: Thoughtstream is an easy to use as you will effortlessly start to relax in a few short minutes. Just slip on the probes and the headphones and get ready to embark on your Journey into the state of deeper relaxation. The brightly lit display will gradually shift in colour from red to orange to yellow to green, whiole the Audio signal simultaneously shifts to a deeper tone indicating that you are moving towards your goals. Before you know it you will find yourself pleasantly embraced in deeply soothing comfort. Mental Games Peak Performance Psycho Interactive Multimedia Software: The training modules of Mental Games ‘sense’ how focused or relaxed you are and will vary their response according to your internal state, being present and focused without “burning out.” You will learn different strategies of interaction - your own strategies - preserving and developing your valuable inner resources. Two sets of levels are included with Mental Games. Level one is Psycho physiological, and level two is Sensomotoric. Level one is a group of conventional biofeedback exercises. Here you can move objects on the screen as you learn to relax your body and focus your mind. Level two consists of a number of independent modules designed to actively train your responses. of a number of independent modules designed to actively train your responses. Level One: Psychophysiological There are four different stages in level one, each more difficult than the last. These games will help you improve your ability to concentrate and to relax at will. Objects on the screen are controlled by you through the ThoughtStream interface Level Two: Sensomotoric Digits and Focus are ideal for improving concentration, learning to focus, and increasing your visual signal to noise ratio - helping you perceive details that are embedded in clutter. Drops and insects work with positive and negative feedback loops. They will help in increasing spatial abilities and in integrating eye/hand coordination with perception of vertical movement. The ThoughtStream personal Galvanic Skin Response (GSR)* biofeedback system measures tiny, rapid fluctuations in skin moisture associated with the degree of arousal via a compact palm sensor presents these changes to you by both audio and visual means. You learn to lower the pitch of a sound heard through headphones or make the LED's on the display console turn from red to green. Use the Mental Games multimedia software to fine-tune your ability to relax and focus at the same time. Mental Games and ThoughtStream are intended for use as tools for enhancing consciousness, promoting relaxation and personal growth. They are not intended for use as medical diagnostic or therapeutic devices, and no medical claims of any sort are made for them, either singly or in combination. ThoughtStream ships with: -Compact control console -Palm sensor -PC-connect serial cable -Carry Case & Manual -Stereo Headphones -MENTAL GAMES LEVELS I and II multimedia software for Windows on CD-R