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Kasina Mind Media System


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Average rating: 5
from on 13/09/2016
I got my Kasina mind machine yesterday and spent maybe 2 hours on it and played around with several different tracks. This thing blew my mind, it is incredible. it plays trance/meditation/hypnotic/chanting/binoral music and you close your eyes and put glasses on and they have LEDS red green blue and they flash to the music. MY !#@$&^* GOD it is INCREDIBLE!!! You can see some crazy stuff, worm holes, patterns, the sun, geometric shapes that spin and zoom in and out, solar systems and stars, 3d spiral stair cases, majestic rainbow clouds of all colours, pulsating streams of light, brilliant flashes, sparkles it is just so hard to describe but it is without doubt one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had.T ime stops and it's like you just wake up from an incredible dream. Can't wait to get home from work and use it again, it's like you have been meditating for 40 years and can reach nirvana by doing nothing more than laying back and relaxing with the glasses on and earbuds in. I felt like I had met a good, it can be pretty moving stuff. A few times I had to take the glasses off to check if my eyes were open as I could see so vividly as if my eyes were not closed at all. You guys have made a wonderful product, I never want to live life without this device and will use it everyday until I croak! yeehaa
from on 19/03/2016
Works wonderfully well on its own as well as with Neuro Programmer 3.
Very easy to use.
Very happy.
Excellent. Performs as advertised.
from on 6/06/2015
Upside: Speedy delivery after ordering. Delivery parcel was well packed. Instructions for use are precise and easy to follow. Product support is excellent. Had a problem downloading Firmware update 1.5. Received first-class email support over a weekend to satisfactorily resolve the problem. Looking forward to availability of additional sessions. Downside: Some obvious improvements to add to the project pipeline include making firmware updates automatic whenever a user connected to the website. The Kasina Editor, currently downloadable from the website, should be onboard the Kasina. Conclusions: Excellent product obviously designed, developed and supported by a great team. Will continue to get better as UI enhancements are implemented and additional sessions made available for download. Anyone seriously considering purchasing a value-for-money AVS devices will not regret buying a Kasina.


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