Proteus Light & Sound Mind Machine


Proteus Light & Sound Mind Machine

Delivery weight: 1 kg

PROTEUS best-selling member of our family, with redesigned circuitry, and processor which is four times faster than the Sirius. Realtime BiColor light output. Proteus controls two colour output channels in real time! This means that relaxation frequencies can be set to soothing green, while energizing frequencies are the appropriate red. We deliver the system with superbright Ruby/Emerald LiteFrames.


Totally programmable, and software-upgradeable. A simple yet powerful Windows hosted programming tool is available as a free download to registered owners. Proteus uses Flash memory for both session and operating system data. This means that you can download not only new session groups but that the operating system can be upgraded. Wavetable audio. PROTEUS includes stereo audio digital to analog converters, enabling production of binaural beats and other waveforms. Enhanced AudioStrobetm. We've fine-tuned our AudioStrobe decoder circuitry, providing a much crisper, more intense experience. 199 program capacity. Proteus ships with enhanced versions of the original Sirius sessions, together with a "best-of" assortment of programs from our other systems. A total of fifty programs are preloaded into Proteus when you receive it, and it can hold up to 199 programs in its two nonvolatile memory banks. The most advanced system available on the market today.


Ships with the following items:

  • Proteus Control Console
  • (New!) Enhanced ruby/emerald compact Ganzframes
  • Heaphones
  • Stereo Patchcord
  • PC-Connect (serial, DB9 to stereo mini) cable
  • Software Suite and Session Library (via download from this website)
  • Manual
  • AudioStrobe sampler CD

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